Listen To Your Body

“No rigid protocol. Only guidelines. Too much protocol can be suffocating and become an end in itself. Each day is special. Each day is different.” – Bernd Heinrich, Why We Run (p. 225)

Instead of following an arbitrary training schedule, let your body tell you when it is ready for your next key workout. Sometimes, you’ll be ready after a few days, other times you will need a week to 10 days to fully recover. This is especially true if your key workouts are getting longer, like when training for a marathon.

It is important to use intuition to guide your training; not a rigid schedule. Listen to the signals your body sends you. Not just how your muscles and tendons feel, but also your motivation to train hard.

You should enjoy testing yourself on the road or trail. If you are feeling blasé about your training, take a few days easy. Your body will let you know if you are ready for another key workout, or whether to take a rest day.

Ask yourself, “Am I excited about this workout?”. If the answer is “no”, then take the day easy or skip running altogether.

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