Follow the 80:20 Rule

“It is clear that genetic ability has more to do with why great athletes beat us than their hard training, and there is no earthly way in which training can reverse the physiological realities and thus reduce the chasm that divides us from them. Unfortunately, too many runners believe that they must train hard to run well and end up doing too much to try to compensate for their genetic deficits”

– Tim Noakes (Lore of Running p.291)

I learned from my experience with low-mileage running that 80% of the benefits you get from training come from just 20 percent of the training.

By pairing your training down to the bare essentials, you can get 80 percent of the benefits with just a fraction of the running.

By focusing on what’s important, you can cut back on your weekly mileage, helping to reduce injuries while maximizing your results.

Through my experience with a low-mileage approach, I’ve come to believe that many runners spend too much time slogging away endless slow miles, that have limited value.

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